We are excited to announce that this year our Consulting Club will be hosting the 2nd Annual Greater Houston Consulting Case Competition in collaboration with the MBA consulting clubs at the Bauer College of Business at UH and Jones School of Business at Rice University!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a case competition?

A unique platform to showcase the skills that consulting firms are looking for in a competitive applicant: critical-thinking, teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Participants will be placed in mixed teams, consisting of PhDs, MDs and MBAs, to mimic an actual consulting case team. Teams will be given a real-world business case study to analyze, tasked to research the client and industry, and present a solution to judges in the form of a short presentation. Current consultants from the top firms, such as McKinsey, BCG and Capgemini, will serve as judges and award prizes to the top team. The event will be followed immediately by a networking mixer. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to competing participants.

When and where is the competition?

The event will be held at the Bauer College of Business at UH, in the University Classroom and Business Building on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017. The timeframe is 8am-5pm followed by a networking mixer.

Who is designing the business case study?

The case study is being prepared collaboratively by the leadership of the 3 organizing consulting clubs.

Do I need any business or case interview experience? What about prior knowledge of the client or industry?

No prior business or case interview experience is required, nor is any prior knowledge of the client or industry. This event is designed to be a fun learning experience and to help introduce our members to a real-life consulting engagement.

What do I, as a participant, get out of this?

  • An opportunity to demonstrate to current consultants, who are directly involved in the recruitment process, that you have the skills consulting firms are specifically looking for
  • An opportunity to tackle a real-world consulting case and gain business experience
  • An opportunity to work in a diverse team setting that mimics a real consulting case team
  • An opportunity to network with consultants and to learn more about the firms and job opportunities
  • Cash prizes are awarded to the top team

Who can participate in the competition?

The competition will have 30 participants in total (six teams of 5). 15 of the 30 participants will be represented by the Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center.

Basic Members and Training Members are also welcome to spectate and attend the networking mixer at no cost.

How do I register for the competition?

Due to the large number of Training Members eligible for the competition and since there are only 15 spots available for participants from our organization, participants will be selected via an application process.

Can I watch the competition if I’m not interested in competing this year?

Due to limited space, spectators can register on a first-come first-serve basis. We will open an RSVP system in the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for their interest in the Greater Houston Consulting Case Competition and we look forward to making this event an exciting addition to the year in the Houston area! Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements with more details as we get closer to the competition date.