What is a case competition?

A unique platform to showcase the skills that consulting firms are looking for in a competitive applicant: critical-thinking, teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Participants will be placed in mixed teams, consisting of PhDs, MDs and MBAs, to mimic an actual consulting case team. Teams will be given a real-world business case study to analyze, tasked to research the client and industry, and present a solution to judges in the form of a short presentation. Current consultants from the top firms, such as McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, and PwC will serve as judges and award prizes to the top 3 teams. The event will be followed immediately by an online networking mixer.

Do I need any business or case interview experience? What about prior knowledge of theclient or industry?

No prior business or case interview experience is required, nor is any prior knowledge of the client or industry. This event is designed to be a fun learning experience and to help introduce our members to a real-life consulting engagement.Who is designing the business case study?The case study is being prepared collaboratively by the leadership of the 5 organizing consulting clubs. The case study, the client and its industry will be revealed on the morning of the event.What do I, as a participant, get out of this?

  • An opportunity to demonstrate to current consultants, who are directly involved in the recruitment process, that you have the skills consulting firms are specifically looking for
  • An opportunity to tackle a real-world consulting case and gain business experience
  • An opportunity to work in a diverse team setting that mimics a real consulting case team
  • An opportunity to network with consultants and to learn more about the firms and job opportunities
  • Cash prizes are awarded to the top teams

How does a Virtual Case Competition work?

We are excited to offer the case competition at this special time! Each team will prepare slides and record a ~15 minutes video presentation. The first-round judges will review the videos on their preferred time within a week, and each team will then take a 10-minute Q&A session onlinewith the judges. The teams advancing to the final round will be decided by slides quality, presentation delivery, and Q&A performance.

In the final round, teams will have another Q&A session with final-round judges. Again, judges will consider all aspects of a team to give their final decision.

Who can participate in the competition?

Graduate students, MDs, MBAs from participating institutions. The competition will have several teams representing members of all organizing clubs.

How do I register for the competition?

Please submit your application HERE

TMC Consulting Club training members are eligible to apply. Basic Members interested in participating in the competition are encouraged to upgrade to a Training Membership prior to submitting their application.

Spectators: We will open the possibility to RSVP in the next few weeks.

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