The Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center is the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Texas focused in consulting with three main goals:

  • Educate our members about the consulting career track and increase its awareness
  • Train our members to become competitive applicants and land job offers at the top consulting firms
  • Become the brainpower to help local businesses solve problems

Our 400+ active members comprise of PhD students, medical students, postdocs and residents from nearly every institution at the Texas Medical Center. Top consulting firms are actively recruiting these advanced degrees, recognizing the value of our analytical horsepower, years of experience in hypothesis-driven approaches, communication and problem-solving skills. However, with limited access to resources in the Houston area, advanced degree applicants in this region have difficulties navigating the consulting recruitment process. To that end, we offer an assortment of events that include:

  • On-campus informational sessions led by top consulting firms
  • Networking opportunities with current and former consultants
  • Professional development workshops specifically crafted for the consulting career track
  • Rigorous fit and case interview preparation
  • Hands-on consulting experiences working on real-world business projects

Our past members have successfully pursued careers at the top consulting firms. We welcome you to join the Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center today to learn about a future career in consulting and how to become a competitive applicant.