The Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center is hosting a Networking Workshop geared towards preparing our members to effectively build and maintain a meaningful network.

Integral to the consulting recruitment process, informational interviews are informal conversations with current consultants about the firm, their daily activities, their choice of career path, and suggestions on preparing for the application process.

Some topics covered will include:

  • Ways to build and maintain a meaningful network
  • How to leverage your network to get noticed
  • How to request an informational interview with current consultants
  • What types of questions to ask consultants during the interview
  • How to effectively follow up to maintain your professional network

Come join us and hear about our successful members’ personal journey to land a full-time job offer.

This event will be held on Tuesday, March 5th at 5:30 PM in room N315 at Baylor College of Medicine (6450 E. Cullen St.).

RSVP for the event by going to our events page.