Linhai Zhao

Linhai is a fifth year PhD candidate in statistical genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. His primary research interest is developing novel linkage analysis methodologies for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data to advance the disease mapping in familial complex diseases. Prior to Baylor, Linhai obtained his bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics in University of Science and Technology of China. Outside of academia, Linhai participated several entrepreneurship activities in the Houston area as volunteers, and also organized the 1st US-China Innovation Summit in Texas as one of the core executive members.


Sanjeev Khatiwada

Sanjeev is the former Vice President of Education and Events and a current Senior Advisor at CCTMC. His research as a PhD Candidate at Baylor College of Medicine is focused on identifying risk factors that confer susceptibility to the effects of addictive drugs. Sanjeev is also actively involved in Science Policy and Advocacy at both local and national levels.

Before joining BCM, Sanjeev received a BA in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and BA in Psychology from Cornell College in Iowa. In his free time, Sanjeev enjoys road trips, traveling internationally, keeping up with global and political affairs, reading biographies, and learning about entrepreneurship, history, and philosophy.



Michael McGuire

Michael is originally from Lemoore, California. He attended UCLA for his undergraduate degree in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics. He is currently a 6th year graduate student at the University of Texas MD Anderson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, where he focuses on how DNA methylation impacts cancer, as well as how tumors shape their microenvironment. Michael served as the AVP of Finance and Digital Operations with the TMC Consulting Club in 2016, then became the VP of External Relations in 2017. Michael will be entering Life Sciences consulting in 2018 with ClearView Healthcare Partners in Boston. His interest in impacting patient well-being through a blend of science and business is what attracted him to this position.







Jing Jin

Jing currently is a Ph.D. student in the department of BioSciences at Rice University. Her research is focused on understanding natural product synthesis in plants. She served as the Vice President for consulting agency in 2017, which recruited multiple new clients and completed 6 projects. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, dance classes, reading, and traveling.




Ginger Ding

Ginger is a project manager at Mybiogate. In this role, she leads a team of scientists and consultants to perform biotech industry analysis, focusing on the oncology sector. She also contributes to the content delivery on Mybiogate platform and establishment of partnerships with a variety of biotech companies and organizations. Prior to Mybiogate, Ginger served as former vice president (Finance and Operations) of TMC consulting club and worked as Postdoc Fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center.